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Organized by

Hygraph and commercetools

Bringing the GraphQL community together

Learn about GraphQL best practices from industry experts and become part of the thriving GraphQL community.

GraphQL First

The focus is 100% on GraphQL, with a wide diversity of talks on GraphQL in Production, tooling, application, & spec.

World-class Talks

With a diverse selection of speakers from all backgrounds , you're in for an immersive experience.

Official Discord

Before and during the conference, we'll be on the official Discord — free to join for everyone.


Charles Kornoelje

Full-Stack Software Developer | Tekton

Christina Hastenrath

Software Engineer | Postman

Dino Omanovic

Team Lead Engineering | Hygraph

Dolev Farhi

Head of Security Research | Inigo

Gijs Hendrix

Head of Product | Hygraph

Kelly Goetsch

Chief Strategy Officer | commercetools

Laurin Quast

Senior Software Engineer | The Guild

Matteo Collina

Co-Founder & CTO | Platformatic

Roy Derks

Tech Author and Speaker | Stepzen

Sabin Adams

Developer Advocate | Prisma

Sean Grove

Principal Architect | Netlify

Suraj Chafle

Senior Software Engineer | Crowdstrike

Thomas Heyenbrock

Staff Software Engineer | Stellate

Uri Goldshtein

Founder | The Guild


Michele Riva

Senior Architect | NearForm

Vishwa Mehta

Developer Advocate | The Graph

Everyone is welcome!

We are dedicated to providing a safe, inclusive, and harassment-free environment for everyone. All attendees must adhere to the Code of Conduct at all times.




Hygraph is the next generation GraphQL-Native Federated Content Platform. Integrate all your services with our unique content federation approach and distribute content from anywhere - to anywhere.



Commercetools is the leader for next-gen B2C and B2B commerce. Commercetools invented the modern cloud-native, headless, API-first commerce platform, that is used by our Global 500 customers to deliver the best commerce experiences across touchpoints.


We've worked with several wonderful partners in the past, and we adore our current ones since they help this conference run smoothly. Do you want to be a part of this incredible group?

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