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About GraphCDN


GraphCDN is the Content Delivery Network (CDN) for GraphQL APIs. It caches GraphQL query results at 60 edge locations worldwide, provides detailed analytics about their statistics, and blocks malicious queries. GraphCDN is backed by a set of industry-leading investors, including Guillermo Rauch (CEO, Vercel), Tom Preston-Werner (Founder, GitHub), Matt Biilmann, Christian Bach (Co-CEOs, Netlify), Jason Warner (CTO, GitHub), Andreas Klinger (CTO, On Deck), Nicolas Dessaigne (Founder, Algolia) and many others.

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The GraphCDN team is on the GraphQL Conf. Discord

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    Tim Suchanek


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    Max Stoiber


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    Marko Locher

    Customer Success

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    Phil Pluckthun

    Founding Engineer

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