GraphQL Conf.


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Andrew Hoglund

Senior Software Engineer | GitHub

Bruno Scheufler

Software Engineer | Hygraph

Christina Hastenrath

Software Engineer | Postman

Colby Fayock

Developer Advocate | Applitools

Daniel Norman

Developer Advocate | Prisma

Danielle Man

Director of Engineering | Apollo

Erik Kessler

Senior Software Engineer | Salsify

Etel Sverdlov

Head of DevRel | Prisma

Eve Porcello

Author and Educator | Moon Highway

George FitzGibbons

Senior Solutions Engineer | BigCommerce

Jamie Barton

Developer Relations | Hygraph

Julian Mayorga

Software Engineer | Hygraph

Karthik Balasubramanian

Service Infrastructure Engineer | LinkedIn

Kelly Goetsch

Chief Product Officer | commercetools

Laurie Barth

Software Engineer | Netflix

Michael Lukaszczyk

Co-Founder and CEO | Hygraph

Min Chen

Senior Staff Software Engineer | LinkedIn

Rob Van Gennip

Senior Software Engineer | Shopify

Roy Derks

Tech Author and Speaker | HackTeam

Sean Grove

Founder | OneGraph

Shruti Kapoor

Senior Software Engineer | PayPal

Stephan Schneider

Backend JavaScript Developer | Contentful

Stuart Guest-Smith

Lead Principal Architect | BigCommerce

Tanmai Gopal

Co-Founder and CEO | Hasura

Uri Goldshtein

Founder | The Guild

Yann Simon

Software Engineer | commercetools